Monday, November 15, 2010

It Gets Better

Last week an It Gets Better video featuring Gay Orthodox Jews was released. The response thus far has been amazing, with close to 30,000 hits in less than a week. In response to some of the critics, this video was not intended to adjudicate contraversial halachic topics, but rather to tell all closeted individuals -- young or old, Jewish or gentile -- that God loves them no matter what and that they can live happy and fulfilling lives. So if you are reading this and match the above description, please stick around. Life is worthwhile and so are you.


Simcha said...

I'm surprised this has been up so long without a comment. If this video had been out when I was in yeshiva my life for sure - and the lives of many of my friends - would have been so much easier. First time reader - keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

How much better can it get.
You may be a FFB Jew of newly frum one, which ever we know the Torah gives us laws to keep.
So living a gay frum life would mean what, live a life with no sex.
I know if I want to live a gay lifestyle it would mean being in bed with a guy I love and doing what every gay guy wants and thats sex and The Torah forbids it.
So that means I have to hang up my kipa and my ztizit, abandon something I love for the love I am looking for.
So how can we say "It gets Better".
What we have is a catch 22 situation.
I have to decide is F****** a guy and sucking his dick and watching gay porn more important than putting on Tefilin, my Ztizit and Kipa and throwing years of that in the bin.
I just think life suck and thats not meant to be a pun it just does

Simcha said...

Dear Anonymous: I hope you return to this website to see this response to your post. You are passing through the stage that every religious (frum) guy passes through who realizes he's gay - the difficulties, the decisions, etc. There are many organizations that exist to help you in this struggle. May I suggest you visit (you sound like you're young i.e. 18-30). You might also visit and These are tough decisions but you are fortune that there are people to talk to and organizations to belong to. As I wrote in my 12/20 post, I wish I had such resources when I was in yeshiva and thought I was the only guy in love with my chavrusa.